Best Guitar Riffs

Open B-String Riff (7 string)

www.EmotionlessMusic.Net Okey, this is played on a 7 string. It's a riff I came up with that's mainly based around pull-offs on the low B-string. It also got an ascending hammer-on lick in the middle.

by EmotionlessMusic - Score: 33
Sweet Child of Mine Intro

It's considered the most popular Guns N' Roses song to play on guitar. Surprisingly hard to play due to having to skip a string... play it slow with a metronome and work your way to full speed :)

by Carl Fernandes - Score: 17
Sad open chord progression

I'm not sure if I came up with this progression or discovered it online, but it's definitely a good one! This is a very sad sounding open chord progression, designed for alternate picking. I recommend holding the chord shapes (as per the video) when picking through this progression. Enjoy...

by Carl Fernandes - Score: 13
"Little Effort"

my won music recorded at room....

by paul pun - Score: 12
Whole Tone Scale Lick This is a whole note scale lick from one of my tunes. It features some stretchty hammer-on/pull-offs and some fast picking at the end. Played more slowly I find this to be a good warm up exercise.

by EmotionlessMusic - Score: 12
Canon Rock - Main Melody

This is the main melody from Canon Rock by JerryC, one of the most popular songs for guitarists online to play (judging from the amount of YouTube hits it's got!)

by Carl Fernandes - Score: 10
Birth of Boyd Open Chord Riff

This is the intro for a song I came up with called "Birth of Boyd"

by Carl Fernandes - Score: 9
Greg Howe Style Tapping / Pentatonic Scale Tapping

Greg Howe uses this technique a lot when soloing to tap through a pentatonic scale... enjoy

by Carl Fernandes - Score: 7
Fast Shred Single String Run in A Minor

A very versatile lick that can be thrown into any solo

by Carl Fernandes - Score: 7
System of a down - Chop Suey Style Riffin'

Great song from SOAD to riff around with ...

by Carl Fernandes - Score: 7

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