Guitarists often wonder why they can't play the latest Yngwie Malmsteen lick, or shred like Rusty Cooley. The truth is that this kind of speed only comes with practice, and practicing properly is critical to ensuring your playing is clean.

The metronome is the ultimate tool for building speed, strength and dexterity.

We've built this metronome so that the speed (in BPM) can be automatically increased after set periods of time. For example, you can set the metronome to increase by 20BPM every 20 minutes. By the end of one hour of playing, you will be playing 60BPM faster than you started. The idea is to build muscle memory and ensure that as you get faster, your playing stays clean.

We recommend opening this metronome in a separate window, as browsers such as Chrome will slow the metronome down while you are browsing in other tabs.


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